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Kazrajind 1 year ago
We have a few shows that we watch together, but for the most part our schedules are so whacked that we don't mind when one of us gets ahead of the other. We also scout shows out, because sometimes something we both enjoy at first will do something annoying to one or the other of us, so one of us will watch a few more episodes ahead then report back as to whether or not things improve. Agents of Shield is a notable example.
Takus 1 year ago
6:39 Stop.
Kagalabar 1 year ago
Saw this guy with his service dog yanking on the leash to bring the dog, who was not doing much of anything perhaps sniffing curiously closer to him unnecessarily. I have never wanted to kick the shit out of a blind guy so badly lol.
Akilabar 1 year ago
We appreciate.
Mauzuru 1 year ago
Como me gusta la Гєltima foto.bufff

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