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Akinogore 2 years ago
Our nearest planetary neighbours Venus and Mars are pretty inhospitable places compared to even the worst places currently on Earth. The most promising is Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, which may possess liquid water due to volcanic activity that warms it when energy from the sun is dim. There is just too much radiation around Jupiter to colonise that safely. Also promising might be the asteroids between Mars and Jupiter, but I don't think any of these lumps of rock have an atmosphere or water.
Mikar 2 years ago
Hola que hermosa y belleza de mujer Вїcomo les va? me encanta su perfil y me gustaria conocerlos para compartir y disfrutar de varios y deliciosos encuentros juntos Вїpuede ser?
Daitaxe 2 years ago
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Moogudal 2 years ago
Ola linda como estas
Faujar 2 years ago
Wht it do wht part of usa ur from

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