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CajetanL'Etranger Extraterrestre (2013)

Does the extraterrestrial exist or not? The novel L’Étranger Extraterrestre/The Extraterrestrial Stranger written in French by local author Norman Beaupré who writes both in French and English, poses that question and attempts to answer it in a way so as to go beyond the intellect and the rational. It’s not a sci-fi novel but one that touches upon many dimensions of human knowledge that often surpasses the ordinary and even the terrestrial such as, philosophy, cosmology, astronomy, theology and myth among others. It’s a work that fathoms the discernment of spiritual life in all of the Great Creator’s beings, terrestrial as well as extraterrestrial. It’s the story of the young Pascal who meets serendipitously an extraterrestrial who offers him a range of knowledge concerning galaxies, nebulae and stars.

The extraterrestrial named Andraiü comes from the beyond, a star evolved from a nebula. He declares Pascal a prophet and gives him his mission on earth. In Pascal’s quest for the Absolute in both truths and values, the young man constantly struggles with his mission which brings him, among many avenues, to a clairvoyant, the Sage of Ephata, to a monastery called La-Pierre-Qui-Moud, to an extraordinary artist called Cassandra, to Marjolaine the Healer who is involved with the poor and the marginalized and with Théophile, an artist afflicted with dementia who has extraordinary moments of lucidity. Finally, the prophet of the Extraterrestrial Stranger accomplishes his mission in such a way that reveals turning points in the events that lead up to the climax of the novel.

It’s a work that calls itself prophetic and extraterrestrial in its weaving of a story that is filled with stimulating ideas and probing dialogues that will strike a chord in all readers and especially in the reader of extraterrestrial adventures. Visionary and extraordinarily written.

ISBN 9781-62550-036-6 Paperback
Format: 5 x 9 in - 208 pages
Language: French

Published by Llumina Press
Purchasing information to come soon.

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