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La Souillonne, Deusse (2008)

Press release
February 25, 2008

Author Norman Beaupré writes a sequel to La Souillonne

The dramatic monologue, La Souillonne, was such a tremendous success for its author, Norman Beaupré, that it prompted a friend of his to say, "There must be a follow-up to this." The author replied that he had not thought about it and that he did not think he had enough material in his creative imagination to write a sequel. However, after seeing the performance of the play twice at the Franco-American Heritage Center in Lewiston and seeing it again in Lamèque, New Brunswick this past summer performed to a sell-out crowd, he began to sift ideas in his mind especially once he heard sea stories by the performer, Marie Cormier's brother, Angelbert Paulin who had caught fish and crabs out in the open seas for some forty years. Beaupré now had at his disposition some materials about Acadians and the sea. He then set out to line up other topics such as, the snoops [les écornifleuses], the famished and the tell-it-alls [les défoncés et les paniers parcés], WWII and the ration [la ration et la guerre], the melting pot, the shoe shops, odd people [les gens de travers], old habits [les accoutumances] and our way of speaking [le parlement de not'e monde].

So many people identify with the character of la Souillonne and her situations in life as well as with her recalling moments she lived through because they lived the same experiences a long time ago and share the same values as the main character. Besides, the book is written entirely in the Franco-American dialect, the "language of the people." It has been a real challenge for the author since this dialect is essentially an oral language and Beaupré had to find a way in replicating the sounds into the written word. The subject matter, the main character and the written dialect make this a unique work.

This is Norman Beaupré's 9th book: a bilingual one on folk art, five in French and three in English. He's already on his 10th work, a novel based on the artistic life of Vincent Van Gogh in Arles.

ISBN: 978-1-59526-693-4 Paperback
Format: 6 x 9 in - 224 pages
Language: French

Published by Llumina Press.
Also available at

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