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The Fallen Divina: Maria Callas (2015)

Norman Beaupré spent over two years preparing for this novel listening to several of Callas’ operas, reading her biographies as well as other texts dealing with her singing, following the chronology of her life so as to make the entire work coherent with the facts about her life and her career as the world’s most celebrated opera diva. At the height of her singing career, she was internationally known for her high notes and her dramatic flair that she lent to her many performances across the world.

The author worked hard at bringing to his work a credible sense of historical reality. The voice of the novel is that of a young man from the northern part of Maine whose Acadian mother married a man of Greek descent. He then goes to Boston on to New York City then to Paris where he gets to meet la Callas and obtain private conversations with her when they discuss operas, performances, voice, composers and conductors. How does he manage to have those conversations since the opera diva was then a recluse and shut off from the world? Through the palate and the stomach with Greek, French and Italian recipes that the young man has learned over the years, much as we see in “Babette’s Feast.”

ISBN 978-1-62550-233-9 Paperback
Format: 6 x 9 in - 290 pages
Language: English

Published by Llumina Press
Available on Amazon

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